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My life was at risk on a daily basis for five years. During the summer and fall I spent nearly every day digging exploratory holes and then tunnels as deep as 36 feet below ground in my own backyard using a mini jackhammer and a variety of shovels and wrecking bars. I escaped numerous deadly tricks designed to prevent anybody but Drake from recovering the treasure. These included flooding tunnels, collapsing rooms triggered by pressure sensitive stones, sand and quicksand tricks designed to trap and suffocate and a false ceiling waiting to crush any unsuspecting treasure hunter. 


Sir Francis Drake


Learn about the Paleoindians

California Paleo Indian Tribal Art

Made from Glass, Lava, Metal & Wood

Tunnel through crypts under front yard



Penn State University

State College, PA

Skull & Bones - Honorary Society

Omicron Delta Kappa - Honorary Society

Delta Chi - Social Fraternity

1979 - Present

Dean Emeritus

College of Worthless Knowledge

Number Theory

The Digits of Pi

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