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What are you going to do with everything you've collected?

The artifacts and various items of interest collected during the past six years should be preserved properly and placed on public exhibit. Since the entire collection is for sale, I believe that a nationally recognized museum will purchase most or all of the items. Museums, Universities/Colleges, Foundations and Private Collections should contact me through the website. 



Are you planning to write a book about this adventure?

This is a story that would make fantastic reading! Being a slow writer, my preference is to associate myself with a well-known author who could work as a "ghost-writer". The ideal associate would be available to meet with me in the near future and have the the right contacts in the publishing industry to get the book out within the next 12-18 months. Interested and established authors should contact me through the website. 


Have you considered making a Documentary film about this adventure?

Throughout this adventure the Video-cam was rolling. With more than 80 hours of film there should be enough footage to produce a fine documentary. Interested and established documentary filmmakers should contact me through the website.


How do I get to the treasure site?

Since all activity and excavation has been completed, there is nothing to see. The Site looks like any other house and yard in the suburbs. The Right to Privacy is extremely important to me, to my neighbors and to my neighborhood. Please don't even think about visiting! 



Why did you start looking for the treasure?

The list of observations, occurrences, discoveries and activities that prompted me to start the in-depth research and recovery efforts are outlined on the "2000 - The First Excavations" page of this website.


What was the first thing that you found?

The Alabaster Aztec head was discovered in Early 2000. It was immediately identified by an artifact dealer in San Francisco as a Mesoamerican stone relief circa 1500-1550.


Is there any ongoing excavation activity?

No, all excavations have been completed and the property has been re-landscaped. There is nothing to see.


What are you going to do next?

Take some time off to enjoy life above ground!


How can I contact you?

Please contact me through the website.


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