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Sir Francis Drake Plate of Brass Great Poste artifact

"The World Encompassed" states that the Plate of Brass was nailed to a great poste. The experts were unsure of what or where the "poste" actually was. A dictionary of Middle-English terms revealed that the word "poste" meant a stump in the 1500s. So, a great "poste" would be a large stump. The "poste" was discovered in 2005 on Greenbrae Ridge. The date June 17, 1579 had been carved into the stump in Roman numerals. Some of the Roman Numerals representing the date June 17, 1579 are clearly visible.

Great Post Sir Francis Drake Artifact June 17, 1579

 Upon further inspection, the name Francis Drake

was also carved into the Great Poste as shown below.

Francis Drake artifact Great Poste San QUentin Landing site Plate of Brass

In addition, the name of Francis Drake is in the

same style of lettering as his name appears on

the Plate of Brass.

 Most importantly, The Great Poste is carved with Alchemy symbols used in the 1500's.  The symbols show the exact process and chemicals used by Sir Francis Drake during the gold and silver smelting process used at The Treasure Site.

Alchemy symbols 16th Century Sirt Francis Drake artifact Great Poste Plate of brass
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