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Sir Francis Drake treasure buried cavern ceiling greenbrae larkspur hanff von der porten crime Plate of Brass

 The Incredible Front Cavern Ceiling

Looked Like the Night Sky

The Front Cavern was excavated with a jackhammer and shovel during 2003 and was the largest and most interesting of all the excavations. It was approximately 1,400 square feet in area. The layout of the tunnels and crypts was virtually identical to the Celtic Burial Mound at Newgrange, Ireland. Sir Francis spent his youth in York, England which is not far from Newgrange and perhaps visited that location often. As opposed to human remains, the individual crypts were filled with the stones taken from each town or port that Drake visited en-route to Nova Albion.

Newgrange celtic burial mound Sir Francis Drake Greenbrae treasure

View of Corridor Matching

Newgrange Layout of Burial Crypts 

Irish Burial mound suir francis Drakes Treasure Greenbrae larkspur

 Layout of Celtic Burial Mound

at Newgrange, Ireland 

toxic  clay Sir Francis Drake water supplu Greenbrae Kentfield San Quentin poison
toxic soil contamination MMWD water quality Greenbrae San Quentin Larkspur

 Rainbow of Colored Clay and

  Metallic-Looking Wall Section

Several sections of the Front Cavern contained incredible walls made of toxic colored clays. This cavern yielded vast amounts of treasure, including a massive 270 lb. gemstone decorated with the image of a Mayan Warrior.

 The Mayan Warrior  

 Image of The Mayan Warrior Is to the right of the jackhammer

Drakes Treasure Maya n Warrior Gemstone Greenbreae Larkspur Plate of Brass crime Peter Hanff, Edward von der Porten
Drakes Treasure Mayan Warrior Greenbrae

 The Danger of Rain

The caverns walls and ceilings were created from a clay slurry. During the summer months they were as solid as cement.  However,  when the rainy season began, a relatively small amount of rain had disastrous repercussions.

The Front Yard Covered by Plastic Sheeting

to Save the Cavern from Collapse

Sir Francis Drake Drakes Treasure cavern book Larkspur officials red tag

 A Flooded Front Cavern Before the Collapse

clean county approved fill Sir Francis Drake treasure Larkspur

 The Complete Collapse 

 The Crypts after the collapse  

Celtic Burial Mound remains Sir Francis Drake treasure

 Fortunately, all the stones were saved! 

4000 Homer Home depot buckets, U Haul Sir Francis Drakes treasure
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