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 The Spots Where Nothing Would Grow

There were three spots in the yard where nothing would grow...not even weeds! Under one of these spots a cement-like structure was discovered. The shape of it was an exact match to one of the shapes pictured within the rigging of the masts of the ship on the Hondius Broadside Map. Unable to locate any recorded easement related to this structure, I asked representatives from PG& E and the Marin Municipal Water District to visit the Site, take a look at the structure and determine if it was something that a Public Utility would place underground.


At the completion of their respective visits, both utilities assured me that it did not belong to them and that it did not appear to be a structure that would have been put in place by any utility! I was able to identify this structure as the valve used to redirect the course of the runoff from a natural spring. The other two spots where nothing would grow related to metal smelting activities.

Just like the film Raiders of the Lost Ark, on the summer solstice of June 21, 2001 at Noon, the sun shined directly down into the end of a 12 foot long tunnel that lead to the Back Caverns. 

colored layers of treasure, hand_dug_pit

Hand Dug pit to see the pattern of the layers

mini_backhoe, action

 Mini-backhoe digging at property line of next door neighbor


Exploratory hole

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