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Miowok, Novato, Greenbrae, Sir Francis Drake Plate of Brass

Very little is known about the Miwok people because they had no written language. Fortunately, "The World Encompassed" includes brief descriptions of Miwok dress, ceremonies, lifestyle and also refers to the Miwok's great physical strength. The picture above was painted by Ludwig Choris while he was a member of the Kotzebue Expedition (1806 - 1810). The marsh and distant hills in the background of this painting match the view from "The Treasure Site". The famous historical sketch of the "Crowning of Drake" by Montanus is shown below. As noted in the Choris painting, the geographic features shown in the background of the Montanus sketch also match the view from "The Treasure Site".

 Historical Sketches

Cowning of Drake San Quention Larkspur Plate of Brass artifact King Crown
Crowning of Drake San Quentin Miwok Historical Plate of Brass King Crown

The second historical sketch of the Crowning of Drake serves as evidence that Drake arrived at Nova Albion with four ships. This is contrary to most written accounts that only mention The Golden Hind. One of those four ship was probably a Spanish Galleon named, " La Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion"...also known as the "Cacafuego" which Drake commandeered off the coast of Peru. 

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